Charging​ & Inflation​


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Where to put on?

1. The BFR Cuff in-app screening assessment should be completed prior to The BFR Cuffs placement and use, including the integrity and quality of the skin.

2. Position the cuffs on your limb’s maximum circumference. For example:

LEG – Place cuff on the thigh at the proximal third of the thigh

ARM – Place cuff midway between the shoulder and elbow

How to put on?

1. Apply the appropriate limb protection material to the limb in the area selected for The BFR Cuff.  

2. Grasp the application strap and position the module in the desired position on the limb.

3. Slide the fastening strap through the application loop.

4. Tension the cuff and secure the strap for a snug application of the cuff on the limb, at the maximum circumference.

How tight should my BFR Cuffs be?

You should be able to fit at least two fingers between skin and strap.

If only one finger fits, the cuff is too tight; if three fingers fit, the cuff is too loose.

A loose cuff will require higher pressure to stop blood flow and may slide to an unsafe position on the limb during use.

Can I use my arm and legg cuffs at the same time?

It is not safe to use both arm and leg cuffs at the same time. Therefore we only recommend using either your arms, or leg cuffs, independently depending on your workout.  


What are the minimum smart device specifications?

iPhone 5+ - Min. IOS 10.0

Most Android devices - Min. Android 5.0

Requires Bluetooth LE 4.0

My BFR Cuffs aren't discoverable on the pairing screen - what to do?

If the BFR Cuffs have been used with another device, they will be “locked” to that device, meaning they will not pair with another smart device, when the original device is still within close proximity.

To allow the BFR Cuffs to be used with a new smart device, please click the SAGA on original smart device and in the SAGA app settings screen, press "Forget & Disconnect", you're free to pair to another device.

The automatic calibration process didn’t start when I pressed the button, what to do?

1. Ensure using latest version of the SAGA app (please go to App and Play store to check),

2. Ensure battery fully charged (as indicated in app),

3. Ensure air plugs firmly in place (follow steps below):

a. With fingers, feel cuff material where the module attaches to cuff.

b. Ensure the two plugs that connect air bladder to module are completely inserted by pushing down firmly with fingers.

4. Ensure no residual air is left in bladder – needs to be fully exhausted of air prior to calibrating (follow protocol),

5. Ensure body position suitable – stationary, non-tensed position,

6. Ensure cuff position suitable – upper most limb, module facing forward, charging port facing downwards,

7. Ensure the cuff is not on too tight – two finger gap between skin and strap.

The calibration process started, cuff started inflating, but failed, what to do?

1. Remain still – stationary, non-tensed position,

2. Check module in correct position – facing forward over artery,

3. Ensure air plugs firmly in place (follow steps below)

4. With fingers, feel cuff material where the module attaches to cuff. 

5. Ensure the two plugs that connect air bladder to module are completely inserted by pushing down firmly with fingers. 

6. Re-attempt inflation only after all residual air in bladder and been exhausted,

7. Try varying body positions – sitting knees at 90, sitting knee 180 and torso semi recumbent and lying. 

Cuffs calibrated, but didn’t inflate afterwards when reaching the exercise screen, what to do?

1. Press deflate button in app, 

2. Ensure no residual air is in bladder prior to pressing inflate,

3. If there is residual air left in bladder, please apply gentle pressure with hands to remove air and once air emptied 

4. Press inflate button in-app (both cuffs will inflate now)

I walked away from my phone and the BFR Cuffs stopped working, what to do?

- Press the module button on the cuffs themselves to automatically re-connect to app

- Check top of screen to ensure the BFR Cuffs re-appear onscreen 

The BFR Cuffs are not pairing on a new smart device, what to do?

- The BFR Cuffs have an auto-reconnect feature, which means they will remain paired to original paired smart-device.

- Prior to attempting to use the BFR Cuffs on a new smart device, please select click on the module next to the serial number of the paired BFR Cuff on the "Let's pair your BFR Cuffs" page. 

- You will now see the "Forget & Disconnect BFR Cuffs” click this. 

- You're now free to attempting pairing on a new smart device.