25min Aerobic Workout with BFR

One surprising benefit of BFR is its ability to improve your aerobic capacity. Don’t be fooled though, even at a low intensity adding The BFR Cuffs will add a bit of spice in the form of metabolic accumulate into your muscles.  

How does BFR improve your aerobic capacity?

According to multiple studies, BFR helps build your aerobic capacity by: 

  • Improving localized oxygen uptake 
  • Makes your body more efficient when using energy 
  • Increases the stress of your cardiovascular and blood pressure systems, which leads to positive aerobic adaptations. 

The Workout

5 minutes on: 1 minute rest with the cuffs deflated 

Repeat 4 times 

Intensity: 30 – 35% Max Heart Rate 

Equipment List

When it comes to BFR and Aerobic Training, it really is a choose your own adventure. We recommend: 

  • Rower
  • Stationary bike 
  • Treadmill – walking or a light jog 
  • Ski ergometer 

BFR Guide

Occlusion Pressure:  

  • Lower Limb Occlusion Pressure: 40 – 50% 
  • Upper Limb Occlusion Pressure: 40% 

Whether you are wearing upper or lower limb cuffs will depend on the type of exercise you are performing. For example, for the stationary bike we would recommend applying BFR to your legs. 

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