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UFC Performance Institute To Use Next Gen BFR Cuffs From SAGA Fitness

The world’s first wireless, intelligent blood flow restriction cuffs, SAGA’s BFR Cuffs are a compact, easy-to-use device that will help the UFC Performance Institute support an athlete’s performance and rehabilitation.


A Guide To Summer Fitness

The BFR Cuffs by SAGA are here to bring your workout into the 21st Century. These armbands complement any exercise, making you stronger and leaner faster and more easily. They’ll also leave you far less sore and tired than weight-lifting without BFR will, allowing you to get back to your day faster.


Blood Flow Restriction: The Lowdown On The Fitness Trend Building Muscle, Faster

For someone deeply invested in fitness, it’s not unusual to spend hours at the gym lifting weights to achieve a finely toned physique. Now, a technique known as ‘blood flow restriction training (BFR) is taking off around the world because it creates muscle bulk and increases strength using lighter weights with fewer reps.


Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Cuffs For Boundary Pushers

If you love pushing the boundaries of your limits, you will most likely enjoy this product as much as I do. If you’re preparing for competitions like the Crossfit Open, martial art tournaments, or would like to gain an edge in your training, this product is a must-try.


How To Get Better Results In The Gym By Working Half As Hard

Athletes are in on it, bodybuilders are in on it, now we will let you in on the secret. Enter Blood Flow Restriction training, a method of training that has been used for over 40 years in elite circles, and thanks to companies like SAGA Fitness, they are now becoming mainstream and more accessible for everyone else.


Training That Restricts Your Blood Flow? This Is How It Works

Fitness tech is one trend that just doesn’t seem to be slowing down. From Peloton to the Vitruvian V-Form, and now to The BFR Cuffs from Saga Fitness. And if you’re wondering what that acronym stands for, it's Blood Flow Restriction.


Everything You Need To Know About Blood Flow Restriction Training

The BFR Cuffs by SAGA Fitness are one of the leading BFR solutions on today’s market. No other cuffs on the market offer built-in calibration sensors, or a mobile app that helps you to control the intensity of the occlusion.


How Blood Flow Restriction Training Can Enhance Your Results With Erin Kearney

The SAGA mission is to innovate smart technologies designed to enhance human performance, help you train smarter, and amplify your results. Erin talks to us about the science behind blood flow restriction (BFR) training and how athletes and individuals from all kinds of training backgrounds can benefit from it.


Review: SAGA Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs

Finally SAGA Fitness have come through with an ingenious method to make BFR training safely available for virtually anyone. The cuffs have become a very important and one of my favourite tools in my quiver.


Best Training Style Athletes Have Been Using For 40 Years

One training practice that has been used for over 40 years is blood flow restriction training, and thanks to companies like SAGA Fitness, they are now becoming mainstream and more accessible for everyone else.


SAGA's Connected Cuffs Can Accelerate Your Muscle Growth Using Blood Flow Restriction

If you’ve already got a decent level of fitness under your belt then the SAGA Cuffs would be ideal for you to explore this interesting new way of achieving an even greater level of muscle growth and strength in a much shorter time.


What Is Blood Flow Restriction Training?

Saga Fitness’ wireless cuffs are unique in that they auto-inflate, and can sync up with your smart device via the app.


SAGA Fitness Review: Unlimited Pump

It's so easy to throw the cuffs on either my legs or arms, inflate them within the minute, and get in 10 minutes of intense BFR training. It offers a different way to hit the target muscle groups that’s not heavy, but still just as intense.


Smart Wireless BFR Bands at Last

Nobody likes wires these days. Blood flow restriction training, which was invented back in 1966, has always been with hand pumps, tubes, and straps. This is where SAGA Fitness stepped in.