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How The BFR Cuffs will help you get your best home workout yet

Working out from home with your BFR Cuffs 

Working from home?

You can also be working out from home.

2020 has thrown up a lot of obstacles. For most of the world, life came to a grinding halt due to coronavirus lockdowns. This has meant we’ve had to get creative with our workouts, due to gyms, pools and health centres shut down.

But this year has also shown us that life continues even when we are confined to our homes. In the same way we no longer have to be in the office to work, we don’t need to be in a gym to work out.

If you’ve transitioned to a home gym set up and are reluctant to start forking out for a gym membership again, The BFR Cuffs could be the perfect addition to your home gym set up - even if you have no other equipment. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Space won't be an issue.

With The BFR Cuffs, you literally won’t require any other equipment. The BFR Cuffs work effectively with body weight exercises – think squats, push ups, lunges, commandoes, calf raises… the list is endless.

Or if you do have one or two sets of dumbbells or even a resistance band, The BFR Cuffs will supercharge your workouts with whatever weights you have on hand – even if ‘weight’ means baked beans cans or detergent bottles. Official gym equipment is optional with The BFR Cuffs.


  1. They fit to your fitness goals
Want to bulk up? Looking to increase your fitness? Need to lose a little weight?

BFR training has been shown to help with it all. No matter what your goal is, The BFR Cuffs can help you achieve it.

Perhaps you’ve signed up to a home workout app, but you seem to have plateaued, well The BFR Cuffs can amplify your results and push you to a new edge.

Because you control the pressure, The BFR Cuffs can continually push you to be stronger. Just adjust the settings on your mobile phone to increase the challenge.


  1. Time saving
We may be working from home, but long commutes have given way to sleep ins and home schooling has zapped all our attention. As always, the first thing to get bumped from the schedule is exercise.

If you only have a small window to workout, you need to supercharge them. The BFR Cuffs are perfect, because they make your muscles fatigue quicker, you can train without any weights and will feel the burn the quicker and the results sooner.

Strap them on, inflate, drop and do 10 push ups in quick succession – your arms will be on fire!

  1. Cost effective
The BFR Cuffs are everything you need or can be used with minimal equipment.

No need to buy an expensive gym machine or load up on a variety of different weights (that will no doubt end up on Facebook Marketplace in six months), all you require are The BFR Cuffs.

It’s the only piece of equipment in your home gym set up that can be modified to ensure you are always being challenged. It’s one investment that keeps giving back.

  1. Safe

They are safe – this is by far the most important point.

The BFR Cuffs are the safest option to introduce blood flow restriction into your training regime.

The BFR Cuffs calibrate specifically to your body and inflate and deflate via Bluetooth from your mobile or tablet. To add The BFR Cuffs to your home gym, click SHOP now.