Increase lower-body strength with these bodyweight exercises

Looking to increase strength in your lower-body?

Here is a quick workout designed to help shape and increase strength in your lower-body.

Add The BFR Cuffs and complete the workout at bodyweight to accelerate your results in as little as two weeks.

For your workout, we recommended...

Limb Occlusion Pressure: 40-80%

Reps: 30-15-15-15

Rest for 30 seconds between each set. Complete each repetition with a 2 second concentric and a 2 second eccentric contraction.

Jump Squats
Stand with feet shoulder with apart and jump high, land and then go directy into a squat.
Reverse Lunge
Step back with one leg, lowering yourself down into a lunge.
Step forward back to the original position and repeat.
Hip Thrust
Lie on your back with two feet on a bench/chair. Push both your feet hard into the bench and raise your hips as high as possible. Lower yourself down without touching the ground and repeat.
Step Up
Find a sturdy object 30-40cm high. Step up with one leg. Push through the heel of the raised leg, bringing the grounded foot to meet the foot on the step.
Step down with the orginal leg and repeat for the other side.
Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift
Stand on one leg with one leg bent at the knee in the air. Lean forward and push your butt back, creating a stretch at the hip, continue to lower yourself down until you are the end of the range, then straighten your hips to come back up.
Repeat for the other side.
You can use a light weight to make the exercise easier and help maintain balance.
Single Leg Calf Raise
Stand on one leg, holding onto the wall. Push your toes into the ground, raising your heel and contracting your calf. Lower yourself down slowly.
Repeat for the other side.