The Ultimate BFR Home Workout

Don't let all your hard work in the gym go to waste if you suddenly find yourself stuck in lockdown.

The BFR Cuffs are a must for any home workout kit.

Skip the expensive and bulky gym equipment for a set of The BFR Cuffs and take your workouts further. 

All these exercises can be performed with bodyweight and a resistance band. If you want to go a little further you can use household items to up the resistance. 

Blood flow restriction works by decreasing available oxygen to the muscles causing the working muscle to fatigue faster, meaning you can still achieve a high level of muscle activation – using light loads.

If you want a challenging home workout that hits all major muscle groups and can get it done in less than 30-minutes, make sure you try this one out. 

Aim for 30 seconds rest between each set.

1. Squats | 30-15-15-15 reps


2. Push Ups | 30-15-15-15 reps


2. Banded Shoulder Press | 30-15-15-15 reps


4. Glute Bridges | 30-15-15-15 reps each side


5. Calf Raises | 30-15-15-15 reps


6. Reverse Lunges | 30-15-15-15 reps