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How To Increase Bench Press Faster With BFR Bands

The bench press if the ultimate in upper body lifts. Not only is it a staple compound lift (similar to the squat or the deadlift), but it offers a simple equation when it comes to measuring upper body strength; that is, a strong bench press equals a strong upper body.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, using a combination of both barbell and dumbbells is a great way to increase strength and muscle gains. A barbell bench press is a straight-forward bilateral lift that quickly fatigues the central nervous system through lifting moderate to heavy loads, whereas the dumbbell bench press offers the immense benefits of unilateral training, such as core stabilization, imbalance correction and increased muscle stimulation. Another effective method to improve your bench press is to add Blood flow restriction training into your programming.

Blood flow restriction is a great accessory for accessory strength.

There’s no denying that the best way to improve your lifts, is to lift heavy.

Where possible, and if not limited by injury or some other contraindication, performing heavy compound lifts is key to improving your numbers. That said, implementing blood flow restriction training into your accessory lifts can help you to achieve greater muscle stimulus without the typically training inhibitors such as fatigue or DOMs.

This is because rather than leveraging mechanical stress, often caused by moderate to heavy loads, BFR uses metabolic stress to naturally increase your body’s growth hormone and increase not only your muscle size, but strength as well.

This straight-forward six-week bench press program encourages you to compliment heavy lifts, with a quick BFR finisher that is guaranteed to boost your bench.

Key Movements

  • Dumbbell or Barbell Bench Press
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Tricep Pull Down with Band
  • Push Ups with BFR Bands

Aim to perform each concentric and eccentric exercise with a tempo of 2-1-2.


Equipment List

What equipment you'll need:

  • Barbell
  • Weight Plates
  • Resistance Bands
  • Dumbbells
  • The BFR Cuffs

BFR Band Guide

We recommend an upper limb occlusion pressure of 40-50%

Ensure that your cuffs are placed as high on your limb as possible. Deflate the cuffs between performing sets of Blood flow restriction exericses.

Here's a mobile friendly version for your work out

Simply screenshot the program below and save it to your images so you can have quick access while working out.