Build bigger quads with this hypertrophy program

Build bigger quads with this hypertrophy program

The quadricep muscles are easily the most defining feature of the legs - particularly when a bit of love and attention has been spent developing these muscles. These are the large muscles that sit on the front and outsides of your thighs, just above your knees.

The quads more then just a dominant aesthetic group of muscles, they are responsible for extending the knees and flexing the hips - so basically movements such as standing, squatting, or taking the stairs.

If you're somone who wants to give your quads a little more love and get a little more shape, we've put together an easy to follow program that combines exercises that emphasize your quads with blood flow restriction, a training methodology that helps accelerate muscle hypertrophy.

You don't need to be creative to get quads, you need grit.

Unlike many other muscle groups, the quadriceps don't require a lot of creative programming, they do however require grit. The only way to build bigger quads - and legs to that point - is to grind through performing heavy weights at a full range of motion - repeatedly and consistently.

Adding some variety in the types of movements you perform, such as focusing on squat depth or performing single-limb exercise, can also force the quads to work harder and cause higher levels of activation. The below program provides a well-rounded hypertrophy program that will help you achieve more defined quads. The program also involves the use of SAGA's Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs during accessory strength exercises.

Blood Flow Restriction is a highly-researched training methodology that is known to help individuals accelerate muscle gain due to it's ability to activate high levels of metabolic accumulate in the muscle - one of the three primary mechanisms for muscle hypertrophy.

Bodybuilders have used BFR for years, yet this was often done using a torniquet or rope to wrap around the muscle - which isn't always the safest or most effective method to practice BFR, as it requires a lot of guess work and often results in people not wrapping the cuff tight enough to truly benefit. The BFR Cuffs by SAGA are the first cuffs to truly harness technology that will help people safely and effectively practice BFR.

Click here, to learn more about the history of BFR.

Key Movements

  • Barbell Front Squat
  • Repeated CMJ
  • Bulgarian Spilt Squat
  • Goblet Squat
  • Cyclist Squat with BFR

Aim to perform each concentric and eccentric exercise with a tempo of 2-1-2.


Equipment List

What equipment you'll need:

  • Dumbbells
  • Bench
  • The BFR Cuffs

BFR Guide

We recommend lower limb occlusion pressure of 80% and a weight of 20% of your usual 1 repetition max.

Ensure that your cuffs are placed as high on your limb as possible. Deflate the cuffs between performing sets of BFR exericse.

Here's a mobile friendly version for your work out

Simply screenshot the program below and save it to your images so you can have quick access while working out.