Increase your deadlift with BFR

As far as total body lifts go, there is nothing quite like the deadlift. One of the quintessential compound lifts, the deadlift can help you build unparalleled mass while strengthening all the major muscle groups.  

Yet closing the gap to a new PB, or attempting to get over a strength plateau, can be an extremely frustrating experience. Out of the various methods and protocols you can implement, adding blood flow restriction to your deadlift program is one method guaranteed to help accelerate strength and muscle gains, so that you’ll be able to quickly chase down that elusive PB.

Six-weeks to a stronger deadlift

Our six-week deadlift program incorporates BFR into your accessory lifts. The goal here is to help you strengthen your lift while using BFR and lighter loads so that you don’t experience the physiological fatigue associated with heavy loads.

Put simply, by adding BFR you can still achieve the stimulus required to improve strength – with a shorter recovery time or less risk of injury or overtraining.

This means you can have shorter turn arounds between training and will feel fresh when the time comes to test your new PB.

Key Movements

  • Deadlift
  • Single Leg RDL
  • Good Morning
  • Deficit RDL with BFR
  • Farmers Carry

Aim to perform each concentric and eccentric exercise with a tempo of 2-1-2.


Equipment List

What equipment you'll need:

  • Barbell
  • Weight Plates
  • Dumbbells
  • The BFR Cuffs

BFR Guide

We recommend a lower limb occlusion pressure of 80%

Ensure that your cuffs are placed as high on your limb as possible. Deflate the cuffs between performing sets of BFR exericse.

Here's a mobile friendly version for your work out

Simply screenshot the program below and save it to your images so you can have quick access while working out.

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