4 way to use BFR - Guide to Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood flow restriction training is a well-known for it's many benefits and has plenty of applications. We've narrowed a list down to the top 4 situations where it's a real winner. 

bfr time constraint

Blood flow restriction bands allow you to reach metabolic and/or aerobic fatigue much quicker than you would without it.

This saves time during training and minimizes recovery demands post-training. 

When recovery demand is high

If you're pursuing strength/athletic goals, you may not have the energy resources to move more heavyweight for hypertrophy specific goals. e.g. a powerlifter may use BFR bands for an arm workout to keep weight low while still driving growth stimulus. 

When you're injured

Often times we're not able to get under heavy loads when injured. Occlusion bands allows you to maintain or gain muscle mass while training with much lighter loads. 

When you're travelling

Travelling tends to provide less than ideal training environments. Whether you're off the grid & can't access a gym, or your hotel gym has minimal equipment, BFR cuffs can be the perfect add-in.

You can provide a strong training stimulus with minimal or no added weight.