Using BFR Bands for weight loss

Using The BFR Bands for weight loss

Whether we’ve overindulged during the cold months and keen to get our body ‘beach ready’ or perhaps there’s a big race/competition around the corner that you need to be little lighter for - weight loss is the leading reason the majority of us hit gym or pavement every morning.

The BFR Bands could be the perfect accessory to stimulate weight loss.

But life today is hectic  - we have to balance work, social life, quality family time, making sure you eat right, get enough sleep, meditate – eek! Squeezing in exercise seems almost impossible. So how do you find the time to even think about losing weight, when life seems to work against you?

The answer could be in a simple tool to supercharge your workouts.

We’ve long heard that more muscle in our body means more fat loss. But how does this work? 

When you eat, move, play and sleep (yes even sleep), your body expends energy, i.e. burns calories. All the cells and tissues in our body work together to create this energy burning state. Once you get to a point where you expend more energy than you consume you lose weight.

Getting your body to become a high functioning, energy expending machine is the goal, so how do you get your body to burn more calories? Well, over time it has been proven that muscle is metabolically more active than other tissues in our body and therefore will burn more calories than fat tissues.

So one effective way to lose weight, is to increase your muscle, and therefore increase the calories your body burns.

The best way to build muscle is by incorporating strength training into your exercise routine. This will improve your fat to muscle ratio and you’ll be on your way to your goal weight.

Sounds simple right? But who has time for hours in the gym pumping weights?

Enter The BFR Bands.

They are easy to use, lightweight, and could be the best accessory to help you grow muscle.

Blood Flow Restriction training has been round for years and has many known benefits. These include:

  • Increase strength
  • Supercharge muscle growth
  • Reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) 

Use the The occlusion bands to supercharge your workout. Blood Flow Restriction training increases the intensity of your sessions, allowing you to get more out of your session for a shorter amount of time. This means you don’t have to spend hours in the gym pumping iron AND The Blood Flow Restriction Bands reduce DOMs, meaning you can spend less time recovering so you can work out more often in a week.

More workouts = more muscles = less fat.

The BFR Cuffs can help you amplify your weight loss goal – click on SHOP to purchase now. 

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